Recellgene brings together biomedical research to create a digital platform which enables effective and efficient implementation of personalised medical solutions. Through a network of contract research partners, we undertake cutting-edge biomedical research to deliver bedside solutions to patients. To stay ahead, we do not shy away from basic research, which could become applied therapy tomorrow. Because we invest in basic research coupled with big data, our bottom up perspective allow us to implement novel therapies and personalised medical treatment to a variety of diseases such as cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, and viral infections.

Our strength is in bridging the existing gap between applied research and bedside therapy. We do this by creating easy solutions for healthcare professionals based on complex AI technologies which aid in diagnosis and treatment selection alike. Because we do the science, we are able to deliver useful tools that will aid physicians in delivering the best available treatment for that patient. Our technology is able to cure the patient and not the disease because by integrating “-omics” data to live monitoring, thanks to the Internet of Things, we are able to predict which therapy is most suited for every individual.

Communication between different departments and specialists is key in effective treatment and currently one of the biggest hurdles faced by healthcare professionals. Recellgene’s solution is applicable to entire healthcare systems to make all communication seamless. With innovative security measures to keep patient data safe, we provide a system based on interoperability which resolves a lot of bureaucratic and communication hurdles faced by healthcare providers, rendering extremely efficient and streamlined.

By integrating and combining different steps and approaches of healthcare, Recellgene’s unique platform provides customisable solutions to meet the needs of specific providers so that medical personnel can focus on delivering the best care to the patients. Recellgene prides itself on being best equipped to meet the needs of healthcare systems, aid medical staff in diagnosis and treatment, and prioritising patient care above all.