Housed in Norway, Recellgene is a life sciences company that works for, and with the world. We provide healthcare solutions for a variety of medical conditions that afflict and affect the human way of life.

In our quest to ensure fullness of life for all, and to combat the ills that plague humankind, Recellgene adopts inclusive, holistic and cutting-edge methods, leveraging the best of medical research and data as well as state-of-the-art Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) models available.

Our scientists are the foremost medical and scientific minds across the world. They collaborate with their peers both to further their scientific interests and aspirations and to ensure Recellgene remains a global powerhouse of medical research. By providing research laboratories access to reliable and comprehensive data to develop in-house therapies, Recellgene also actively enables the medical community to be more responsive and effective in ensuring the entire well-being of society.

Why We Are Unique

Recellgene brings together biomedical research to create a digital platform which enables effective and efficient implementation of personalised medical solutions. Through a network of contract research partners, we undertake cutting-edge biomedical research to deliver bedside solutions to patients.

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