Universal Healthcare Access

One of Recellgene’s CSR programmes focuses on enhancing access to healthcare for all. Towards this end, Recellgene works with two remote communities in two different continents, namely Africa and South America. In striving to secure basic healthcare for these communities, Recellgene runs mobile dispensaries and clinics, which identifies and treats these communities on all health parameters.

Preserving The Untouched

Recellgene also strives to investigate communities that have hitherto lived in isolation and in remote areas, to understand their health standards, identify any vulnerabilities they may face, and learn from traditional methods of healthcare.

Empowering Healthcare Workers

Recellgene also works to enhance the capabilities of healthcare workers in remote areas, so that they can confidently treat basic ailments and counsel communities to be better, in health and spirit.

Strengthening Frontline Healthcare Workers

Recellgene also works to strengthen mobile frontline healthcare workers who work door-to-door with communities to identify their healthcare needs and facilitate them.