RNA therapeutics is one of the most promising and dynamic areas of medicine, which could revolutionise modern therapeutics. Recellgene is at the forefront of this revolution. RNA-based therapeutics is the most cost-effective and efficient way to actualize personalized medicine. These treatments are fast to develop, cost-effective, simple to manufacture, can target previously undruggable pathways, have a superior safety profile and a simpler regulatory roadmap for approval. It is a disruptive technology as new and personalized RNA constructs are fast to develop and can be used not only for vaccinations and cancer therapy, but for many other diseases. Recellgene’s focus is to therefore develop new and personalized RNA therapies that can are designed with the patient in mind and not the disease. This is why we invest in the biopharmacotherapy alongside supporting and developing a hospital-based RNA therapeutics platform. Here, we develop hospital-based manufacturing and quality control methods so that each drug can be modified for specific patients, to ensure true personalized medicine and expedite the process to bedside transition