Regenerative Medicine

Biomaterials, 3D bio printers, and stem cells are the very essence of our Regenerative Medicine Department (RMD) at Recellgene. Regenerative medicine is the ability to engineer cells and tissues of the human body to fix parts lost to trauma or disease. Given the human body has a natural ability for self-healing, the promise of regenerative medicine is more than a powerful lure. Regeneration and regenerative medicine imitate and adapts many processes which naturally occur in our bodies. It modifies and adapts them for those instances where the body is unable to self-heal.

This is done by understanding developmental and renewal processes, from stem cells to formation of organs. We use this research to regrow, repair or replace damaged or diseased cells, organs or tissues. At Recellgene, we employ therapeutic stem cells, tissue engineering and production of artificial organs to be able to restore and establish normal functions in diseased body parts. The key to our success is our interdisciplinary team composed of engineers, clinicians and scientists. Bioengineers develop bespoke biomaterials which are safe and novel for our scientists to use as scaffolds and 3D print on them specific cells which grow and differentiate into tissues and organs. These can then safely be transplanted into patients to replace diseased or damaged ones.