Gene Therapy

The ability to modify the human genome has been a medical objective since the recognition of the gene as the basic unit of heredity. Until recently, this objective seemed unattainable. However, technological advances in genetics and bioengineering now allow for the manipulation and delivery of DNA to target cells. This has brought gene therapy within arms grasp. Recellgene’s genetic medicine department is striving to make this into a reality, so we can leverage it as a tool to modify a patient’s gene and thus cure diseases. We work on the three main gene therapy approaches: replacing (gene augmentation), inactivating a diseasecausing gene (gene inhibition) and introducing a new gene. Successful gene therapy enables patients to live without the need for ongoing treatment. With this technology, Recellgene can ensure that the disease is comprehensively cured: it does not need to be managed and does not need to be treated. Gene therapy is not only the solution for genetic diseases but can also be employed in the treatment of cancers and age-related diseases.