Diversity and ethics

Workplace diversity is not just an ethical, but also a pragmatic necessity. We at Recellgene firmly believe in nurturing and empowering the world’s best talent, irrespective of gender, religion, region, ethnicity, race, caste etc. Fostering a cosmopolitan and plural workplace not only ensures diverse perspectives emanating from unique individual experiences, but also enables the creation of a symphony from many voices. Recellgene takes great pains to foster a creative, enabling and constructive environment for all, so we can collectively push the boundaries of scientific enquiry.

We also ensure that ethical research practices are strictly adhered to, by all those who are part of Recellegene as also our partners organisations. We strictly abide by and follow the European standards for ethical research. Given we work with researchers and scientists across the world, we continuously strive to institutionalise progressive behavioural changes in the workplace. We are proud to provide a platform for people across the world to break many glass ceilings.