Data and information

Information has always been the foundations of humankind’s progress. With the advent of digital and AI systems, data and information are enabling millions of flowers to bloom across the world. With unparalleled dynamism and superior management, Recellgene is revolutionising diagnosis and treatment.

For example, a laboratory researcher and a biomedical researcher would have access to entirely different data sets, based on their areas of expertise. However, it is only by synergising both data sets that their individual research can transform into something more. Recellgene plugs that gap with cutting edge technology and management systems. We integrate research and analyses on protein sequencing, genome sequencing, bioinformatics etc. so that any researcher, scientist, or practitioner can easily access them and thereby enhance their output. Recellgene’s unique design workflow enables the efficient management and analysis of big data and information so that we can unitedly rise to ever greater heights.

Standards for clinical trials: We at Recellgene abide by the highest standards in clinical trials and other healthcare related exercises.

1. People: People have always been, and will always be at the core of everything we do. That is why clinical trials are conducted in a humane and just manner. We proactively disclose the nature of the trials, address participants rights and concerns proactively before the trial, thoroughly vet medical histories of participants and have holistic counselling sessions for those interested in participating in clinical trials. We are deeply sensitive to their agency and wishes at any stage in any trial. Recellgene complies with the latest European standards for clinical trials, even if the clinical trial is in another continent.

2. Healthcare workers: Recellegene proactively addresses the concerns of all healthcare and frontline workers who are part of the clinical trial process, wherever they may. We also work with the consent of local authorities as well as the regional medical authorities.

3. Researchers: Researchers analysing information from clinical trials are equipped with the best tools and data analysing systems. This ensures that data collected is incisive and exhaustive.

4. Auditing: We ensure that our clinical trails are continuously audited by our internal compliance team, so that there is transparency and accountability to processes.