Access to Universal Healthcare

Recellgene firmly believes that the ultimate end of all development is for human beings to live a happy, selfsufficing and honourable life. In this spirit, Recellgene’s CSR programmes strive to guarantee fullness of life for the communities we work with. Accessible and affordable healthcare is central to this imperative. In striving to secure basic healthcare for remote communities in two different continents, namely Africa and South America, Recellgene runs mobile dispensaries and clinics, which identifies and treats these communities on all health parameters.

We will build on this work to ensure delivery of healthcare to a person’s home by conducting a mass outreach programme to proactively identify ailments, and connect them to our clinics digitally or physically. If necessary, we will even refer them to a larger healthcare facility for further diagnosis and treatment.

This also enables Recellgene to objectively investigate community health standards, which can aid us in preparing for future ailments or pandemics. It also enables us to study and learn from traditional healthcare systems that may have aided in preventive healthcare.